Intentional Living Week Nine: Review

by Christine


Review your goals twice every day in order to be focused on achieving them. 
Les Brown

I started this series because of the questions I was receiving on the meaning of and how tos of intentional living. The ideas and concepts of how to take control of your life and live intentionally have been shared with you each Friday. As the end of the year is upon us, I believe this week would be good time to stop and reflect on the steps we have taken so far. Dedicate your Morning 30 to sitting quietly, maybe make a cup of peppermint tea or a cup of gingerbread latte and review the steps you have taken to get to this point in the series. 

Week One: To get started commit to a time of day that works best for you to spend 30 minutes a day in quiet thought. 
Week Two: Make a list of key life questions.
Week Three: Discover what is working in your life and what is not.
Week Four: What are you spending your time on now?
Week Five: Are you moving foward?
Week Six: Identifying your Lifetime Priorities.
Week Seven: What are you top 4 Lifetime Priorities?
Week Eight: Draft your plan to help you achieve your LP's.

The groundwork has been completed so that you can start 2013 by implimenting your plan. I will share with you my plan for supporting my own LP's in 2013 and together we can help each other reach our goals.  Until then if you have any questions or comments on what we have done to date, please drop me a note. I would welcome the opportunity to work together on your priorities.