Intentional Living Week Ten: Four Reasons Why

by Christine

"A goal without a plan is just a wish".
Larry Elder

I want to take this week's to share a few thoughts about committing to Intentional Living. It is not always an easy journey. At times it requires going against current trends and mores and it means living values that others don't understand. Sometime is requires questioning the "prevailing wisdom" while others look at you in disbelief. Living Intentionally means not allowing habit or custom to rule over your innate sense of fairness. While living in a world that constantly changes you must remains steadfast in virtue. As you continue to craft your Lifetime Priorities plan, keep your focus on your ultimate goal. I can not tell you what your ultimate goal is but mine is to live a contented and virtuous life.

I will give you four reasons why I encourage others to live an Intentional Life. 

#1. You will accomplish more that is important to you and be happier. Once you are clear on how you want to live your life, you will be able to steer clear of those "requirements" that did not support you vision. You will be happier as you spend time on what you value most. 

#2. You will miss fewer meaningful opportunities. Have you ever said, "I just don't have the time to..."? Life is movement but sometimes slowing down allows you to see through the clutter of the world and recognize when opportunity comes your way. After I started my own business, I "found" time to volunteer as a storyteller in our local elementary school. To date it is the most rewarding endeavor in which, I have participated. 

#3. When life gets difficult, you will have already thought through and articulated your belief system. When my ex-husband became terminally ill, I did all I could to make the end of his life pleasant. There were those who felt that he did not deserve my kindness. I did not do what I did for him because of who he was but because of who I was and wanted to be. It was a difficult time made easier because I had already done the hard work of forming my belief systems. 

#4. Life becomes easier. When you are true to your own gifts and live the life that reflects your values, it just plain gets easier. When I headed off to college years ago, my father felt strongly that I should major in business. He was a practical man and believed a business major would be most useful to me. I signed up for accounting and other business courses and by the end of the term had earned a lackluster C in each class. After much angst and anguish I decided to follow my passion and changed my major to Political Science. I was completely engaged in the work it required to complete this major and I graduated with honors. The effort I put into the business major was greater and I achieved less because it was not a strength of mine and my heart just wasn't in it. 

As you continue to draft your Lifetime Priorities plan, remember you goals. Your reward for all your effort will be the life you desire.


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