Intentional Living Week Twelve: Self Realization

by Christine

{Mosaic in the New York subway}

"Your own self-realization is the greatest service you can render the world". Ramana Maharshi

Last Wednesday I addressed questions several of you had about how to draft your #1 LP. I restated why you need to write down your LPs and suggested you start looking for patterns and complimentary priorities in your draft. Today we will look at how to format your aspirations.

Year-to-year my Life Priorities remain the same but what I am willing to do to support them can and does change depending on where I am in my life. For 2013, my #1 LP is to Maintain Good Health. I am highly motivated to support this priority because I know that when I feel good, I can be more positive about my life and admittedly kinder to others which, is another important LP for me.

For 2013 I have committed to three actions that will help me attain my #1 LP. First, I will eat properly, second, I will exercise regularly and third, I will seek medical advice when appropriate. While these are basic approaches to maintaining good health, what I am willing to do is changing this year. As an example, my commitment to exercising regularly will be stepped up this year. I committed to running a triathlon. To keep from being bored with exercise, I decided to challenge myself with a sprint triathlon. To accomplish this goal, I need to research a good training program, find an appropriate level race that is being hosted on a date that works with my schedule and finally and most importantly actually train. 

To create a document, you need to state the priority, declare the actions you will take to support your priorities and then record the goals you set to live your priorities. It looks something like:

1. Maintain good health
        Eat Properly
        Seek appropriate medical advice
              Run a triathlon
                    Find a race
                    Develop a training schedule

As I mentioned last week, I use Excel to chart my plan but whatever works for you is okay. Additionally, if you are of a  personality type that likes to map out your plans, you can drill down to include a monthly, weekly or daily activities. Again that is not required but could be helpful over the course of the year. I firmly believe that human beings need deadlines...that is why the IRS has a deadline for submitting your tax returns, I mean who would ever be on time if you weren't required to be...and it is helpful to set deadlines when establishing personal and professional goals, touch points during the year that keep you on track.  As you move forward, remember, this tool needs to work for you. 

I have an Excel document that I use so if I you would like to see a copy, just email me at and I will get it right out to you. Let me know if you have anymore questions and I will help you anyway I can as you put together your plan. Until next week...



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