Intentional Living Series Week Nineteen: Stay Focused!

by Christine

{The Hat Factory-My Office}

"Life is too full of distractions nowadays. When I was a kid we had a little Emerson radio and that was it. We were more dedicated. We didn't have a choice. ~Stan Getz

Last week I wrote about how the Crazymakers in your life can throw you off course and keep you from living your priorities. In week 19, we are going to talk about staying focused.

Multiple times I have written or said how fortunate I am to be alive during this time.  A big reason for this feeling is that I have access to all kinds of technology that enhances and improves my life. I could list hundreds, maybe thousands of tools from the Internet to the iPad that exist now that did not exist when I was growing up. Like two sides of a single coin, I believe this technology can be a positive or a negative. The Internet has allowed me to reconnect with high school friends though Facebook and I love it. But recently, I see more and more people taking a breather from Facebook. I suspect this self-imposed break came about because Facebook became a large distraction for them, a time waster.

Facebook is not the only potential distractions. TV, celebrity magazines, (Can anyone explain to me what the Kardashian's claim to fame is?), email, junk mail, the phone and many other diversions can all fall in the category of distraction when we allow them to rule our life. It has become important to limit and control the number of distractions in our life. 

Distractions break your focus and keep you from living the life you want. The birthday cards that need to be addressed are ignored while you sit in front of the computer and read email. TV keeps you lounging on the sofa instead of heading out to gym. There are 50 other things you want to do to support your lifetime priorities that get high jacked by  meaningless distractions. The key to a successful Lifetime Plan is to minimize the distractions in your life and stay focused! 


Week 19 Assignment: This week list the number of distractions in your life and decide how many you need to remove or limit.



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